Pros and cons of AVM in vocational education

The topic of forum: Pros and cons of AVM in vocational education

 The purpose of the discussion: to promote students' understanding of the drawbacks and benefits of creating and using the AVM in the learning process.

1) to examine independently the information contained in the study material and on the internet, on the nature of audio-visual learning and problems of creating and using AVM;

 2) to formulate own opinion about the offered situations, to discuss your opinion with other students and lecturers;

 3) to discuss and agree on possible solutions.

 When writing about your own point of view, use references to literature and sources (see study material, use the literature specified in the study material, additional sources).

Task execution procedurestep by step:

1) read the information included course material;

2) write to the teacher and other students about current, and/or unclear issues;

3) answer other students' questionsmaybe it is the most useful answer to a question from another student;

4) write a description of one, in your opinion, a problematic communication situation (4 to 5 sentences) and your opinion on how you find the pros and/or cons in the creating and using of AVM in vocational curriculum;

5) participate in the discussion: write your own opinion regarding situations written about by other students, answer other students if they comment on your situation;

6) think on how you will try to find a solution to cons;

7) think on how you will use the pros of AVM in your teaching;

8) let’s see your development plan of using of AVM in your curriculum! It is important to create the first 2-3 steps of the plan.

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