Digital Pedagogy Course is for students of bachelor and master courses of any faculties.

This course aims to prepare graduates of secondary educational institutions for their next step in their lives.

The participants in this course will learn learning strategies, memorizing techniques, time management, how to write a CV, how to prepare for a job interview and more.

This course is eligible for students of VET and HE institutions. 

The general aim of this course is to develop Higher Education students' Intercultural Competence by providing them with the main concepts related to the theme and by provoking group reflections about it.

Target group: teachers and trainers, future teachers (teacher qualification programs).

Contemporary Education course is for students of bachelor studies program, first year students (so it covers the basics of the education science with the focus on ICT used for learning).

Target group: teachers and students from VET schools and HE institutions

The course participant who will successfully pass this course will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • acquired new  IT knowledge and skills,
  • prepared and used Audio-visual materials and aids,

personalized own learning environment by using the IT and the experience of colleagues from other countries in creating and using training tools.