Welcome to the online-course "Students' Readiness"


A big part of the course will focus on learning and how you as a student / learner can improve your learning approach in general. Additionally, we'll give you helpful tips on how to actively and positively adjust influencing aspects, such as your learning environment or alternative techniques to better memorize information.

Another part of this course will focus on the development of those skills, that you will need at the beginning of your professional career. You will learn how to write a CV, how to prepare for job interviews, how to present yourself, etc.

This course should take you about 20-30 hours of active working. To successfully complete this course, you mostly have to open and view the topics, units and tasks provided. To constantly show you your status, you will find a progress bar on the right side.

If you have any questions, please use the open forum at the top of the course.

For more details regarding this course, please read the uploaded document "Course Guide".

Other than that - good luck and enjoy this course.

-Your development team-