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Learning environment case study analysis

What is the typical environment like you would associate with digital learning?


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I bet you did not choose the picture of the rural African school. 

Look at the following data about mobile telephone use in Africa and read the case study. When you have read the case study, answer the following questions and upload your answers.


The resources of the above data:


Please read the following article about m4Lit project (source:

After you have read the case study (link in the box), answer the following questions. Then upload your answers to your Blog. You can use any instructional aids such as online dictionaries.

  1. What was the target group of the m4Lit project?
  2. What key factors serves as the background of the m4Lit project?
  3. How has the use of Information and Communication Technology impacted the literacy practices of teenagers?
  4. What does the paper say about the African market for mobile phones?
  5. What are the main causes of the African teenagers’ poor literacy?
  6. What novel did they use?
  7. List at list six major characteristics of the m-novel.
  8. What are the lessons learned from the m4Lit project?


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