1. Icebreaker: Thinking about culture

Culture is a concept which is very hard to tackle down. For centuries, authors from diverse fields have been trying to define what culture is and, as a result, literature offers an array of definitions.

In order to get us started in the task of exploring such complex concept, we invite you to think about your own culture and compare it with your colleagues´.


  1. Click on this link to open a Padlet board called "The Culture Web".
  2. Click the plus sign on the lower right side of the page to make a new post-it.
  3. Write down your name and country of origin in the title.
  4. Then on the body of the post-it, write down at least five things (people, places, habits, etc.) that form part of your culture.

In the end, we should be able to see how the different cultures manifest.

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