Explanation of the term "learning strategies and techniques"


A learning strategy is an individual approach to effectively save new information or concepts. This strategy is usually formed through different educational institutions, primary and secondary school, as well as through social interactions, e.g. with family members, friends and classmates. Additionally to those influences, the individual predispositions and characteristics are relevant aspects when developing a learning strategy.

For instance, someone has always studied by himself and only through reading. This learning strategy has proven to be effective/sufficient, hence this person sticks to it. As a contrary example, let's take a person who always performed best in school when being part of a small group. At home, this person always studied together with his siblings or parents.

Those two people have entirely different learning strategies which have been developed based on the influences mentioned above.

But learning strategies can always be adjusted and improved.

Learning techniques are specific tools that will do exactly that. Generally, learning techniques are supposed to ease the cognitive access to new information, to allow a guided information management process. For improving your reading skills, there are specific reading tools. For improving your writing skills, there are specific writing tools. For improving your memorization skills, there are specific memorization tools.

Now, as a learner and participant of this course, you will have the chance to further develop your learning strategy.

Last modified: Thursday, 19 July 2018, 11:17 AM