What are the narrated presentations?

Narration is the use of a written or spoken commentary to convey a story to an audience (Wikipedia). Narration encompasses not only the content of the story, or who tells the story, but also how the story is told.

Narrated presentation is a simple way to createwithout special video editing skillsa multimedia presentation that is similar to a video. It allows you to focus visual information such as images, charts, maps, etc. as the main content of the presentation. The usual text is narrated and does not occupy much of the slide. 

Thus, the narrated presentation is actually much more concentrated and more capacious than the usual presentation.  

Video 1: Sample of narrated presentation with the using in curriculum:



Narrated presentation looks like one of the easiest ways to get teachers to practice their digital teaching aids because the MS PowerPoint is one of the best known tools. 

However, narrated presentation can be created not only with PowerPoint:  there is a variety of tools to create basic presentations; the best-known are Prezi, Impress in Open Office, Google tools, etc. 

We will use MS PowerPoint in our course because it the best known tool. However, the main principles of creating a narrated presentation in other programs are also similar.

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