TOPIC 3 ACTIVITY. Defining proper learning methods and strategies

There are five children in my family – Rebecca, Rendell, Jack, Katie and Kevin. 
They have different habits and attitudes to the life.

Rebecca draws. She draws every day and everywhere. Once she was a member of a street graffiti gang, but as she is a good student, she quitted the gang. She doodles every time she watches movies or talks with friends on the phone. Her parents say that she could be a designer, because every time she is solving a problem she sketches or draws mind maps. Rebecca has learning issues in History lessons. 

Rendell adores his time with friends and family members. He spends a lot of time for talking and chatting with them. He is believed to be called “Mr. Wikipedia” because that he not only knows a lot, bus also asks a lot too. He is not afraid of asking strange questions. Unfortunately he is not successful in foreign languages. 

Jack can speak many languages. He travels a lot and meets a lot of new people. He uses internet to keep good relationships with his new friends and chats with them in these many languages. He reads a lot of foreign articles online. His friends like him very much, because every time he has a problem, he never worries about it, but even requires them to discuss, what was wrong and how he could do better next time. His friends started doing the same. However Jack has issues in learning Biology. 

Katie is very polite and friendly. She thinks that she could be a very good teacher. During her holidays she likes meeting her cousins that she could play with them - she is happy when she can teach them everything she's learnt at school – biology, history, geography. Katie is not good in Math. 

Kevin likes video games. Very much! He could play all day long every day. He spends a lot of his time on computer – he plays, watches movies and chats with his friend. He prefers tasks that require to “google” some information or allows him to compete with his friends. He has a very good memory and is good in History, but he usually fails in Geography lessons. 

There were some learning strategies and methods presented in this course. Which learning strategy or/and method would you suggest the presented learner to use that their learning would be successful and why? Choose at least 3 children or their teachers and provide them with argumented suggestions to receive a course participant badge.

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