TOPIC 3 ACTIVITY. Defining proper learning methods and strategies

Rendell - Foreign languages

Rendell - Foreign languages

by Jurgita Šerniūtė -
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Rendell adores his time with friends and family members. He spends a lot of time for talking and chatting with them. He is believed to be called “Mr. Wikipedia” because that he not only knows a lot, bus also asks a lot too. He is not afraid of asking strange questionsUnfortunately he is not successful in foreign languages. 

Which learning strategy or/and method would you suggest Rendell to use (or his English teacher to use) that the learning would be successful and why? (After responding to this question you will see what are suggestions of other course participants)

Note: posting here you agree that after course piloting (since June 2018) all your answers are going to be available as open practices.
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