Final (Draft) production

Before testing our HTML content there must be some technical editing and quality assurance steps:

  1. Technical editing: When the HTML content is ready the HTML editor still have to insert or embed the media content, or any readily made learning tools like quizzes (see in next unit), cross referencing it with the content.
  2. The resulting HTML and media edited draft have to be checked technically by the HTML editor to assure that the  embedded videos, graphics, links and references, programmed activities, etc. function.
  3. The HTML and media edited draft have to be checked by the editor, whether the HTML editing process led to the designed end-product to see if all modules, chapters and units are there, there are no typos, all author requests were executed andall quizzes are working properly.
  4. This double tested version has to be checked and approved by the author.
  5. The resulting final draft hase to be published for testing and archived before further modification.

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