Development phase

The development phase is an intermediate phase between planning and the production. In case of  for example a traditional digital textbook this development is short, while in the case of a media rich or very interactive e-learning material it is a longer process.

In the development phase all planned parts have to be designed in more detail:

  • Graphics, infographics: design and description for the graphic artist
  • Video parts: Detailed storyboard and script writing for the production
  • Interactive e-learning: Templates for modules, lessons, templates of specific pedagogical activities, template for case studies, etc.

With all these preparations, we help the production team either to write or author a series of similar parts in the same style and format, or if we adapt already written content, we support them to prompt the necessary changes.

For a typical text based interactive HTML content template here is an exemplary list (adapted from EduTeach project of styles that is prepared to handle all needs that content, graphics and pedagogical tools require.

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