Open type (open-ended) questions

Earlier in this unit we stated that there were two type of questions, open and closed, but we dealt with the commonly used closed type tests only.

Open type questions still have their relevance in many educational environments. The specificity of this question type is that it has to be evaluated manually by a teacher or tutor. This slows down the feedback loop, however the evaluated artifact – an essay or any other uploaded document - may be able to show the student performance better. When open question is part of a quiz, the quiz overall grading can not be finished till the manual marking is done.

Comparison of open and closed type of questions:

Hints for open type questions in on-line environment

  • Use it only for measurement of complex cognitive skill testing.
  • Formulate the essay question to get different personal solutions from each learner.
  • Give as much guidance for the essay to be written, as possible.
  • Use pre-prepared template or grid (a structure) to help learners.
  • Prepare for yourself and for your colleagues a sample essay that represents a perfect artifact for grading.
  • If the system allows, give evaluation, marking and feedback information with examples of typical mistakes for graders on a hidden area.

More on essay grading:

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