Why do we deal with on-line test development?

Bloom's Taxonomy
source: http://sites.psu.edu/onlineassessment/wp-content/uploads/sites/3535/2013/04/bloom-MATCH.jpg

Teachers are using tests in almost all fields of education, for a long time, surely after the second word war, but in the last 50 years testing has reached even the most remote areas, all countries and is globally used in formal, informal settings in general, as well as in higher and vocational education.

But does it mean that we are prepared to design and use tests even in on-line settings? While we design and use tests we often fail to concentrate on the most basic rules of design.We struggle with the ever growing experience of assessment, with more and more intelligent applications andthe similarly growing number of different test types and assessment settings and possibilities. This unit summarises the most important, a.k.a. „golden” rules of test making and tries to offer an easy structure to choose and design an appropriate on-line test either from scratch or by adapting an already used paper-based tests for re-development.

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